Monday, April 17

Anti-Trump demonstrators: "Drive out Trump/Pence regime!"

Over the weekend a bunch of asshole communist/socialist members of the Democrat party held demonstrations against the president.  Here's a pic of one:

Notice the signs:  All but a handful are commercially-printed.  Meaning they were done by one central organization and simply handed out to the demonstrators.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it shows how centrally-organized and funded this crap is.

Now look at the message on the center one: "Drive out Trump/Pence regime!"   Did you ever see anyone in any of the photos of Tea Party rallies saying "Drive out the Obama regime!"? 

No?  And if there'd been a single one you know the Lying Media would have run it on the front page or led the evening news with breathless, OMG-video footage.  But you still didn't see it.  Hmmm....

"Drive out...."  Not "Vote Democrat in future elections" but "Drive out..."

These people are inviting war.  I doubt they realize that, because I've never met a single one who bothers trying to reason through the consequences of their actions.  Like pushing for open borders, for instance.  Or amnesty for twenty-million illegals now in the U.S.

Or electing a socialist who sealed his college records, passport and travel records and birth certificate (until he decided to get his IT munchkins to create a screamingly bad pdf fake--which they put on the internet but refused to let any critics examine.  Gee, wonder why?


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