Thursday, April 13

Hollywood Dems give record amounts of campaign funds to some guy running for congress from...Georgia? Wait...

Most people think that when it comes to electing your state representatives to the U.S. House, voters of each state should choose people to represent *them,* who reflect *their* values.

But because of the huge increase in the the last 40 years in the number of things controlled by the federal government, control of congress now carries so much power that the national party organizations started contributing increasing amounts to congressional elections.

This is bad enough, because it can easily result in a known scoundrel being elected due to massive contributions from people whose only knowledge about the candidate is his/her party affiliation.

And it's getting worse:  Voters in Georgia's 6th district are about to select a new congressman, and Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff is getting record contributions directly from scores of Hollywood people.  In fact, ninety-five percent of contributions to Ossoff's campaign have come from sources outside of Georgia.

Ossoff is a former congressional staffer and investigative filmmaker for Al Jazeera.

Of course Hollywood Democrats funding the election of Dems in distant states isn't considered "interfering in our elections" because, Democrats.  Hmmm....


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