Monday, April 17

Supporters of open borders claim ICE arresting illegal aliens at the courthouse violates their constitutional rights. Seriously??

Suppose a group in the U.S. with a huge financial interest in, say, maximizing the profits of drug cartels held a press conference to say
If our drug-smugglers go to the courthouse to respond to some legal matter, the cops sometimes arrest 'em.  It's totes UNFAIR for the cops to do that, beccause EVERYONE in the U.S. has the right to, uh, 'petition the government for redress of grievances.
Most Americans would just laugh:  You broke the law but you're whining that it's unfair for the cops to arrest you if you happen to show up at the courthouse for some reason?  Drop dead, whiner.

But that's the reasoning pro-open-borders folks have used to rouse public opinion against the Trump administration.  On a conference call last week an organization calling itself "America's Voice Education Fund" asked open-borders folks to sound off about the recent actions of ICE officers under the Trump administration. 

It might help to know that stated mission of the America’s Voice Education Fund is to push to guarantee “full labor, civil and political rights for immigrants and their families.”  Sounds very noble until you realize when they say "immigrants" they include illegal aliens.  "Full civil and political rights" means citizenship.
Typical was the comment of Joanne Lin, senior immigration policy counsel at ACLU: “The First Amendment... extends to everyone in United States, including immigrants…[and includes] the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Certainly, Joanne, but why do you believe that should bar the government from apprehending a criminal at the courthouse?  One could as reasonably claim that since we can't deny people the right to eat, cops couldn't nab a lawbreaker while he or she was shopping for groceries.  Lin's argument is designed to make low-information voters think the administration is somehow violating the constitutional rights of illegals.

Lin added “We’re hearing from advocates on the call right now that you can be an undocumented woman [she means "illegal alien" of course, but that would expose the absurdity of her argument, so...] who's  seeking a restraining order or child support,” she added. “The state courts are open to you and they should be open to you and your children in order to protect your lives."

And those courts are open.  But again, does that give illegals immunity from arrest?  If one extends immunity from arrest to this venue, you could as easily argue that the immunity would extend to all normal activities.

Which, of course, is just fine with the illegals and their supporters.


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