Thursday, April 13

Illegals in detention center *demand* more leisure time, entertainment, higher wages, lower canteen prices

In Tacoma, Washington, there's a "detention center" for illegal aliens. 

Of course the lying, pro-Dem media call illegal aliens "immigrants" instead of "illegal aliens" cuz, you know, Obozo and the Dems tol' ya' you couldn't call 'em "illegal aliens" even though that's clearly the correct term. 

Cuz, you know, calling 'em illegals might hurt the feelings of those who have broken U.S. law by entering the

Now 100 or so of these "immigrants" (i.e. illegals) being detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma have started a hunger strike to protest conditions at the facility, according to an "immigrant rights group" (i.e. a group of communists determined to flood the U.S. with illegal aliens).

The purpose of the strike is to get concessions in terms of food, care and legal access, according to a letter from detainees released by the communist group "NWDC Resistance."

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Here's what the illegals are demanding:
▪ Changes to the food menu.
▪ Lower commissary prices.
▪ Improve hygiene.
More recreation time.
▪ Have schoolwork "and other programs" to keep detainees occupied (entertained);
▪ Improve medical attention.
▪ Higher wages for working detainees.

The leader of the "NWDC Resistance" said "detainees held a similar strike in 2014 and got some changes they wanted."  So they know how to work the system, especially when they get help from communists on the outside to feed the anti-Trump media bleeding-heart stories.'s even more proof that Trump is rounding up illegals for deportation!  Gosh, if we just had Obama back, none of this would be happening!  Just one more indication that...  wait, did that last 'graf say "detainees held a similar strike in 2014"??

That can't possibly be right.  Cuz...well, it seems like Trump has been preezy for years, but a Google search says he just took office less than 3 months ago.  But that would mean the "detention center" was running when Dear Leader Obama was prez!  But...but...but...Trump=Hitler!!  Dems are double-plus-good!  Trump is double-plus-UNgood!

Gee, this is all SO confusing!

Okay, sarc off.  Look at the demands being made by the illegals:  demanding lower commissary prices, more leisure time, entertainment, higher wages.  Can you say "entitlement mentality"?

Fingerprint 'em and deport--and tell 'em if they re-enter illegally it's prison for five years.

Legal immigrants are great.  Illegals, not so much.  "Gimmeedat" illegals...deport ASAP.

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Read more here:
The list of demands in the letter were:
▪ Change the food menu.
▪ Lower commissary prices.
▪ Improve hygiene.
▪ Increase recreation time.
▪ Have schoolwork and other programs available to keep detainees occupied.
▪ Improve medical attention.
▪ Increase wages for working detainees.
▪ Help speed up the legal process for detainees.
Detainees held a similar strike in 2014 and got some changes they wanted, Mora said.

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