Friday, April 14

Harvard law prof tweets that death of NY black female judge was murder by either a racist, Islamophobe or misogynist. Wait...

In Chitcago a couple of days ago a black judge was killed by a black robber.  Then a day later a black female judge in New Yawk City was found dead in the Hudson River.

After the second incident, Harvard Law professor and rabid Trump-hater Laurence Tribe did what we expect leftist conspiracy-mongers to do:  Suggested she was murdered, either by a racist, an Islamophobe or a misogynist.
Apr 12
Laurence Tribe Retweeted New York Law Journal
  She was a remarkable woman and a promising judge. This smacks of a racist Islamophobic misogynistic murder. Comey needs to investigate
A day later it was found that the woman wasn't Muslim (she'd married a Muslim and changed her name to Muslim-sounding), was severely depressed and had lost both her mother and brother to suicide.  But did Tribe apologize for his bullshit incendiary comment?

Hahahahahaha!  He's a fucking communist, so not a chance in hell!
But hey, free speech, no harm, right?  Watch the totally intended effect of Tribe's paranoid, anti-American idiocy as two useful idiots--footsoldiers for what seems to be a likely race war--jump on this idea:

Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed
They are now trying to claim the Black judge-Sheila Abdus-Salaam- who was found dead in the Hudson River, committed suicide. That's bulls**t
@tariqnasheed they lying two judges murdered in one week New York and Chicago judge shot dead. Both black, both prominent in the community.

Just FYI, Tribe is one of the leftist crowd who claims--literally--that Trump is not president.  Hard to see how he can seriously believe this after all the legal efforts by Dems to overturn the results, but that's what he claims.

This guy is totally deranged.  And he's typical of far too many of the people teaching your kids--at Hahvahd, no less.


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