Saturday, March 4

Obama is running an organization which has declared its intent to either impeach or remove Trump

You may have noticed almost-nonstop news coverage of violent, disruptive protests across the country since Donald Trump was elected.  Journalist Michael Goodwin claims it's part of a deliberate plan to wreck Trump's presidency, regardless of the cost to the country.

The first shot by the Dems was forcing the resignation of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as Director of National Security--done by intelligence-community employees who want the U.S. to continue to mostly ignore Muslim-extremist terrorism.

Barack Obama is the first ex-president in history to structure and lead a political organization explicitly intended to sabotage his successor.  The main vehicle for this is "Organizing for Action" (OFA), founded in January 2013 by Michelle Obama and her husband’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, with input from David Axelrod.

Recent funding records aren't available but according to IRS filings OFA took in over $40 million in just its first two years.

The modus operandi of OFA comes right out of Obama’s support and sympathy for Marxism and his background as a left-wing community organizer. It’s a combination of agitation and propaganda -- much like old-style Soviet agitprop, and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

For Alinsky, the rules start with an ends justifies the means quest for power, which can entail lawbreaking, deception, and concealing the true revolutionary agenda; militant obstructionism; and deflecting debate on substance while relentlessly attacking the character and legitimacy of the opponent.

Agitprop and community organizing both involve stirring up public anger over some issue. The anger mobilizes that constituency to join like-minded people to protest and demonstrate, which provides made-for-TV drama scenes portraying supposedly “spontaneous” mass protests that in turn get transmitted to millions through the media.

This feedback loop is a key driver of fake news: "This must be a big deal cuz all those people are demonstrating."

For instance, immediately following President Trump’s late January executive order temporarily banning refugees and visitors from seven Muslim-run states that harbor terrorists, OFA kicked into action, mobilizing people to “spontaneously” demonstrate, causing utter chaos at nearly a dozen of the busiest airports across the country. Of course the demonstrations weren't remotely spontaneous but carefully orchestrated by Obama's OFA crew.

The same thing happened in late February when members of Congress held town-hall meetings across the country. A week before the town halls started, OFA released a “Congressional Recess Toolkit,” a training manual for activists and demonstrators,instructing them to get to meeting halls early and “spread out… throughout the front half of the room, [which] will make the perception of broad consensus a reality for your member of congress.” So staged demonstrations drive network news, which shapes public opinion.

Marxist theory holds that for socialist revolution to succeed, the old order must first be destroyed. Obama understands this well: Having encouraged Black Lives Matter and the war on police and law enforcement, having facilitated ballooning welfare rolls and doubling student loan debt to $1.35 trillion, having actively encouraged a flood of foreigners to illegally enter the U.S, and having pushed unprecedented deficit spending that has doubled our national debt in just eight years, he's brought the U.S. nearer to collapse than at any previous time.

Obama follows not only Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals but also the revolution-creating theories of neo-Marxist professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who believe the easiest way to destroy the U.S. is to overload the welfare state. Vastly increased expenditures on welfare would require the government to borrow far more money, causing ruinous interest costs and financial collapse.

Looks like we're well on the way.  Thanks, Obozo.

H/T American Thinker


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