Tuesday, February 21

Some teachers in Cali thought classes were far better without illegals last Thursday; they've been put on leave

Last Thursday illegal-immigrant students didn't go to classes to show support for the so-called "Day without immigrants."

First, what they meant was "day without illegal immigrants."  Not the same thing at all.  "But hey, we wanna make voters think people who oppose illegal immigration are anti-immigrant.  Xenophobes.  Knuckle-draggers who are too stupid to know what's best for the country.  So back the hell off!" 

In any case...in the high school in Jurupa Valley, California--a town with a very high percentage of illegal immigrants--several teachers noticed a huge difference in their classes with the illegals out.

They made the mistake of posting those observations on social media.

If they'd posted something like "It was so SAD not having our vibrant cultural-enrichers here!" there wouldn't have been any problem.  Unfortunately for them, what they noticed was that classes were much quieter and more productive without the illegals, so now they've been put on paid leave while the school district investigates what it calls "controversial" social media posts.

A science teacher posted that the walk-out proved “how much better things might be without all this overcrowding.  Best school day ever.”

Another said the 50 absences in her classes made it “a very pleasant day.”

Another wrote: “Quieter classes, more productive - let’s do this more often.”Another added: “Same here! Small classes, trouble makers were gone fantastic day!”

The district superintendent declined to say what further action might be taken against the teachers.


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