Wednesday, February 15

Anti-Trump Americans have published 12,000 calls for Trump to be assassinated; U.S. media yawns

How unhinged are your fellow citizens?  Hugely.  Consider this:

More than 12,000 of leftists, Democrats, illegal aliens and the like have published tweets calling for President Donald Trump's assassination since his inauguration, according to Dataminr statistics.

How do you think the Lying Mainstream Media would have reacted if 12,000 Americans had called--in writing--for Obama to be assassinated?

Sure: the Mainstream Media would have been screaming to high heaven.  But when 12,000 call for the assassination of Trump, no one in the mainstream media utters a word of criticism.  You can't even find the story in the U.S. media--you have to go to a British paper to find it.

Which is why Twitter and Fakebook have decreed that the Daily Mail will no longer be regarded as a "reliable source" for news.  But it's funny:  The Daily Mail stories contain links to source polls or sources, so anyone can dig deeper and see if the DM faked anything.  So why do you suppose Twits and Fakebook decided to label DM "unreliable"?

Because they publish stories the U.S. Lying Media don't want you to read.

Question:  How many people *published* calls for Obama to be assassinated? 

I never read a single story of a documented account.  And do you believe for an instant that if there had been more than a handful of such calls, the Democrats and their media allies wouldn't have screamed like stuck pigs?


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