Monday, February 20

Media outraged about Flynn lying--but didn't even ask a single question after Obama's NSA lied about Benghazi

For 8 years of the emperor's reign no one in the media gave a damn about national security, nor asked Obozo or his minions any serious questions about it.  But now that Trump is prez, suddenly the press seems to have rediscovered the subject. 

Once again, double-standards.

On September 16, 2012--just four days after the attack on a U.S. consular annex in Benghazi resulted in the death of 4 Americans, including our ambassador--Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice went on five Sunday talk shows to peddle a story she and the entire Obama administration knew was a lie.

You can read most of her comments here, but Rice repeats the line that Benghazi attack was not premediated but was similar to the demonstrations in Cairo over a video posted on the internet.

In a press gaggle on Air Force One the next day, guess how many times the adoring reporters asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest any questions about Rice’s comments?

Ten times?  Five?  Once?

Not even once. Let me repeat that. The day after Obama’s national security advisor was on five news programs to blame a terrorist attack on a YouTube video, not one reporter asked the White House about the implausible claim.  The transcripts show Rice's name did not even come up.

No discussion about the investigation. No discussion about emerging evidence from around the world that Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack. (The only time it was mentioned was when Jen Psaki criticized Mitt Romney’s comments about how the administration handled Benghazi and questioned whether he was ready for “primetime.”)

Instead reporters joked with Earnest about football and “Saturday Night Live.”

When Obama was prez the media acted like his press agents, avoiding hard questions and covering for his gaffes--like saying he'd been to almost all 57 U.S. states.  Suddenly they're on the attack, all the time.  Even about trivia.

Remember that the next time some so-called "journalist" wails about how Trump is undermining the "integrity and credibility" of the lying media.


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