Tuesday, February 14

Britain's litter is a forecast

Theodore Dalrymple is the pen name of a man who has spent much of his life as a counselor to lower life forms in the U.K.  In City Journal he notes that most of today's Brits are moronic slobs.  And therein lies a parable for the United States.  I've edited his article below:
My country, Britain, is now the litter capital of Europe.  The thoroughness with which the country has been befouled, from the grandest city thoroughfares to the most remote country lanes, is astonishing.

What most struck me about the rubbish was that even when it was thrown into people’s front yards, no one bothered to remove it.  It was as if the residents of those houses were blind to it.  Tellingly, most of these homes were public housing.

For the new generation there is a time and a place for everything: the time is now, and the place is here. They dropped the packaging of what they ate as a cow defecates in a field, seemingly without awareness that any alternative existed.

Theoretically it should be possible to eat in the street without littering, merely by holding on to the packaging until one can dispose of it in less unsightly a manner. But in Britain, at least, many people do not bother to do this, the effort either beyond them or its worth not apparent to them. I have often observed people littering within easy reach of a trash bin.  [We see the same thing here in the U.S.]
Litter has spread even to remote places in the country mainly visited by those with adequate disposable income.  Either they think that someone will or ought to clean up after them, or they do not care.
Another way of disposing of litter in the country is to gather all one’s trash in a plastic bag, knot the bag’s handles and tie the bag to a hedge.  Freeing the inside of their cars from trash is more important to them than keeping the countryside free from it; and they probably think that, in confining all their garbage in a bag and tying it to a hedge, they have reached a reasonable compromise and done their bit for rural conservation.

Why is the trash not collected? It is, after all, one of the tasks of local governments. But far from fulfilling this duty, they often seem themselves to add to the mess.  There is an obvious lack of pride in the contractors and lack of diligence in the town councils.  Nobody cares—nobody, that is, whose job is to care.

I have long wondered whether litterers see the effect they have on the landscape or townscape. Are they so enclosed in their own personal bubble that nothing beyond its confines registers with them? Certainly the capacity of the human mind to screen out what it does not want to see is formidable.
The trash epidemic, which has arisen over the last two decades, raises the question of the legitimacy of public authority. I believe that the epidemic indicates a profound social ill.  Each piece of trash represents either an act of indifference to, or defiance of, civic or public order.  Litterers are acting out of their own selfish indifference.  Their littering forces omeone else to pick up after them--a matter of no concern to them because they do not belong to society.  They belong only to themselves.  In effect they're saying no public authority has the right—or the moral authority—to tell them how to dispose of their garbage.

As the litter mounts, those with a civic conscience are likely to withdraw more and more into their own private worlds.  A small fraction of responsible people can't undo the harm done by huge numbers of selfish or simply thoughtless swine.
I see something along these lines happening in the U.S. today:  Rioting and beating Trump supporters is totally fine with half the population, and tolerated by academics and their police.  The law can be and is ignored among "progressives" and their mobs of thugs.  No one in authority will raise a finger, and the acts are either praised or ignored by every single Lying Media organ.


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