Monday, February 20

Deporting Muslims is awful! Oh wait--some country did it and our media didn't say a critical word

While members of the Democrat party, liberals, leftists and the Lying Media were shrieking about how awful that Trump person was for ordering a temporary ban on travel from 7 muslim countries, another country was taking stronger action.

Without any notice by our Lying Media, Saudi Arabia has deported 40,000 Pakistani Muslims, citing "terror concerns."

But wait...a Muslim-run nation deporting other Muslims?  A bedrock law in Islam is that Muslims aren't supposed to kill other members of their faith.  They can kill members of any other faith, just not other Muzz.  So why would Saudi Arabia deport people who are barred from harming them?

The Saudi's simply said "terrorist concerns."

Naturally our media shills were outraged at this discrimination against people the Saudi security service merely suspected of being a threat, and proceeded to write outraged articles about how awful this was, because...

Hahahahahaha!  Just kidding.  Our media didn't say a word.  Cuz The Narrative is only about How Can We Scream About How Bad Trump Is, Yet Again.

But it's interesting:  Islam allows Muzz terrorists to kill YOU, infidel, but not other believers.  Yet the Saudis think this terrorism--from other Muslims--is enough reason to get 'em out.  And our media doesn't see anything amiss with that.  But when Trump orders a temporary ban on admitting people from seven Muslim nations, that's totally AWFUL!  Even though murders by fundamentalist Muslims of "unbelievers" is a real threat.

Wow.  Starting to see why Trump says the media doesn't have your interest at heart?


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