Tuesday, February 21

Head of journalism committee compares Trump to socialist dictator Hugo Chavez

Did you know there's actually a "Committee to Protect Journalism"?

No, I'm not kidding.  The poor darlings (well, maybe that wasn't my first thought) believe they need "protection." One wonders what they need protection from, eh? 

Now that mystery has been solved:  They need protection from...criticism by Trump.

Seriously.   In a column for the Columbia Journalism Review last Friday the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalism compared President Donald Trump to the late Venezuelan leftist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Snowflake Joel Simon wrote “What does Trump have in common with Hugo Chavez? A media strategy.” 

“Trump’s unrelenting attacks on the media and attempts to undermine its credibility and paint it as an opposition force are straight out the Latin American populists’ playbook,” he wrote. 

The fact that Chavez was a hard-core socialist and authoritarian doesn't daunt Simon's comparison.  He claims “there are remarkable similarities between the two in the rhetoric they employ to mobilize supporters.”

Gosh, sparky, would the use of heated rhetoric to mobilize supporters include statements like "If they bring a knife, you bring a gun"? 

Oooh, wait...that was your darling, the emperor Obozo.  So apparently rhetoric by folks you like is just ducky.

He added that leaders like Chavez believed it was crucial to stop the press from having the “ability to provide a shared, unifying narrative.”

Ah, yes.  We certainly see the importance of the press having a "shared, unifying narrative."  Like how awful Republicans are.  Wouldn't want the press to print different viewpoints, eh?  That might confuse voters!


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