Wednesday, February 15

"Elite" Leftist (opinion shaper for the left) Sally K has plan to replace Trump with...Hilliary??

Sally Kohn is a far-left writer and speaker who's written for Salon and the Daily Beast.  She appears often on CNN.  Basically she's a nut with her head way up her ass, so naturally every leftist outlet loves her stuff.

Just three hours ago Crazy Sally tweeted her super-cunning plan to have Hilliary! replace Trump as president.  Here's her plan, in her own precious, brilliant, cunning words:
Wow, that's amazingly stupid and totalitarian.  But look who we're talking about here:  a creature so dense that she makes Rachel Madcow and Chris Cuomo look like rocket scientists.

And ya gotta love her description of the plan as "straightforward from here."  Oh, definitely.

Wonder if part of this creature's totalitarian impulses and white-hot hate for Trump could be due to the fact that she's married to a woman, and thus has joined the rest of the Left in wailing that Trump hates lesbians or some such crap?  Some lesbians can be pretty cool, but Sally may give the whole group a bad rep.

To give you an idea how this person rolls, here's her take on the shooting of the 300-pound thug Mike Brown in Ferguson:
For those who aren't tuned into U.S. events, the autopsy showed Brown was shot from the front.  Also, an early witness who said he had his hand up was later shown to be lying.  Other witnesses said Brown was charging the officer who shot him--after Brown had tried to take the officer's gun while in his patrol car.  But *definitely,* Sally: you've got "the only sure facts."


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