Monday, February 20

NY Times prints op-ed titled "How can we get rid of Trump?"

If a conservative paper published an article 8 years ago saying "How can we get rid of Obama?" what do you think the reaction of Democrats and the entire mainstream lying media would have been?

Sure--they would have shrieked and screamed for three weeks about how awful! terrible! and raaacist! it was to print that!  They would have cried "It's un-American! to talk about "getting rid of" our new president!

Of course that was then.  Today, with a Republican president, the NY Times can print an op-ed with the headline "How can we get rid of Trump?" and Democrats think it's perfectly fine.  

No one in the Lying Media utters a peep of protest.  Something every one of the lying bastards would have shriekingly condemned if said about their emperor is perfectly fine to write when a Republican is president.

Oh, and note the header is just "Trump," not "President Trump."  Back when the emperor was occupying the presidency we heard libs protesting bitterly if a conservative paper used "Obama" without his title.  Now, I couldn't care less about titles but find it amusing how libs suddenly change the rules of civil behavior when the Republicans win one.

I suspect few reasonable people can believe the Times would write such a piece.  Well, click the link and see for yourself.  And in case we do get civil war and the Times decides to remove the article (cuz they'll want to deny they had any role whatsoever in causing it), it was Feb 18th by Nick Kristof


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