Wednesday, February 22

Competition and the Left

The Left hates the idea of competition--in this case the intellectual competition between different theories of how a society or economy or nation should operate.

True, honest, fair competition is the engine that drives progress and success.  The Left hates that because in almost every area their ideas and policies produce bad results.

One of the Left's cherished policies is socialism.  They love it.  But if you want to see the outcome of socialism, take a look at Venezuela--which once the highest per-capita income in all South America.

Competition of ideas:  We haven't had it here for decades.  That's because for decades American politics has been run by what's been called the Uni-party.  The top priority of the uni-party is re-election, which they've found can be achieved by giving "free" stuff to voters.  (And yes, I'm including gifts to corporations.)

In this regard far too many Republicans have behaved and voted with the Democrats so they'd be liked, and re-elected. 

The hatred of Trump--and the baying of the mainstream media trying to impeach him barely a month into his term--is a reaction to the first real competition the Left and the uni-party have had for years.

The Left can't stand it, so their goal is to kill any competing ideas as soon as possible. Can't have voters being exposed to competing theories, eh?

Seems to me a good government would prioritize ideas like truth, morality, personal responsibility, self reliance, honor, trust, courtesy, gratitude-- even sound mathematics and common sense--over "Let's give things to people, by taking money from working people at gunpoint."

And "We shouldn't allow people to speak if they say things the Left doesn't like."

And "It's a great idea for the government to force schools to let guys use the girls' facilities."

And "The government should pay for sex-change surgery for inmates and the indigent."

In other words, the ideas that guided the founders of this exceptional country seem good.  The ideas of the Left?  Not so much.


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