Sunday, January 8

Bill Ayers, Cornel West and other leftists urge supporters to prevent Trump from being inaugurated

When Obama was elected many Americans were horrified.  But in the time-honored tradition of our nation, they accepted it and went back to work.
No one tried to prevent him from taking office.  No one tried to shut down Washington DC to keep him from being inaugurated. 
But the petulant, spoiled children of the Left don't want to honor that "time-honored tradition":  Having prepped the battlespace by endlessly comparing Trump to Hitler, their leaders are now calling on followers to "prevent Trump-Pence from ruling," by staging "massive protests."
Amazingly, this isn't the "disruptJ20" movement that I posted about a few weeks ago, but is a different group headed by such charmers as Bill Ayers and avowed communist professor Cornel West.  Although they throw in the phrase "peaceful demonstration" a few times, reading their own words makes it quite clear that they want to overthrow the new government by force and violence.
If you think this is hyperbole I don't blame you.  I wouldn't have believed it either.  You need to click the link above and read their own words.  I've pulled the crux of it below, omitting most of the boilerplate stuff.  (Words in red are my emphasis.)
The amount of projection, hyperbole (endless comparisons to Hitler, "...literally putting at risk the existence of the world as we know it"), blatant lies about damn near everything ("...illegitimacy of the electoral college system," claiming the EC is a "legacy of slavery"), hypocrisy (complaining about virtually unbridled executive power after praising Obozo's refusal to enforce valid U.S. laws for 8 years) hardly knows where to begin.

Again, if you think this is satire or fake, click on the link and see for yourself.   To see the list of intellectual luminaries who've signed on to this call for violent revolution, click here.

If this call for the violent overthrow of the government had been written anonymously I'd dismiss it as the work of a lunatic, but this was authored by Bill Ayers, Cornel West and other named leftist revolutionaries, which enables the Lying Media to report it as a bona fide movement.

Thus what would have been an insane proposal the media couldn't embrace can now be reported as a "grass-roots movement of millions."

If Ayers and the rest of the Left manage to convince their mob of bomb-throwers to do as they've outlined, it's hard to see how this can end without bloodshed.  Perhaps more to the point, this is the kind of game plan that results in massive vote fraud, ballot boxes stolen and replaced with stuffed ones and the like in future elections.  After all, Leftists seem to feel their ends--power--justify the use of any means whatsoever.


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