Friday, January 6

All-powerful government decides to kill FM radio, citizens be damned; and surprisingly, it's not the emperor's regime

The following story shows how utterly faaabulous absolute government control is.  It's not about Obozocare, instead dealing with Norway, but you'll see the tie-in:
Norway is getting ready to shut down its FM radio network and force all citizens to buy digital receivers.
Critics have warned that this will leave an estimated two million cars on Norwegian roads--and millions of homes--with no way to get emergency warnings.

A poll by a national newspaper in December found that 66% of Norwegians were opposed to the switchover, and only 17% were in favour.

The change is being pushed through regardless.

Norway's parliament voted in favour of switching off FM radio after hearing it would lead to a greater choice of radio stations, as well as clearer sound.
"...would lead to a greater choice of stations"?  "...clearer sound"?  Both statements are obvious lies.  FM is already immune to static and has sound quality so superb that few people can tell the difference between it and digital.  But hey, governments never let the facts get in the way of their goals.  Remember "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  If you like your health insurance you can keep it"?  Same shit.
 A good digital adapter for an FM car radio costs about $180.

Other countries will be watching with great interest.  The UK government says it will consider a switchover once 50% of listeners are using a digital radio.
See how well this works, citizen?  Government simply decrees that they'll kill a great existing technology--depriving you of more choices and great sound quality--and you don't get a say.  Instead they give you two choices:  either shell out $180 for an adapter, or do without radio.

End of parable.


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