Saturday, January 7

Dem presidential hopeful pushes idea of "free" college tuition. NY Times applauds wildly

All disastrous government programs start with an idea that's so wildly popular with liberals and the "free-shit army" that politicians start falling all over each other to sign on.

In this case the wildly popular idea is... "free" college tuition.

As you may recall, this idea was pushed by socialist Bernie Sanders--and it's not a coincidence that Sanders was wildly popular with college students.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo--who the NY Times describes as "thought to have presidential ambitions--noticed.  As the Times reported it, this week "Cuomo promised to cover tuition costs at state colleges for hundreds of thousands of middle-and low-income New Yorkers."

Wow, Andrew, that's SO generous!  You're gonna "cover tuition costs" for all those kids yourself!  That's SO generous of ya!

Wait...y'say you're not covering jack-shit, but are gonna' make taxpayers fork over the tuition, even if they aren't sending their own kids to college?

Whoa, that ain't the same thing at all.  Why in the world would the Times report that "you" will cover costs" when it's really "taxpayers"?  It's almost like the Times wants to push your candidacy by lying to low-information voters, implying tuition will be "FREE!" when in fact they'll be paying for it themselves.

You don't suppose this is what the Times meant by warning us about "fake news" do ya?

Mr. Cuomo unveiled his proposal at a community college in Queens.  His aides said the program would allow nearly a million New York families with college-age children, or independent adults, to qualify.

In a classic understatement the Times reported "It was unclear how much the program would cost." The administration estimated $163 million a year by 2019, "though it acknowledged that estimate could be affected by participation and level of need."

[Translation:  No one has a clue.  But it's really a great idea, trust us!]

New York already pays nearly $1 billion a year in its tuition assistance program.

As the brilliant analysts at the Times note, "Costs for the state could also rise as enrollment rises."

Analysts not employed by either the Times or the state claim that costs would be even higher, but Cuomo aides said they "had calculated costs considering a variety of factors," a claim the Times found totally believable.
Mr. Sanders — who was greeted by shouts of “I love you, Bernie” and loud cheers by the crowd in Long Island City — was effusive in his praise of Mr. Cuomo’s idea, calling it “a revolutionary idea for higher education” that he envisioned would be emulated elsewhere.

So let's review:  Socialist prez candidate proposes "free college tuition."  Idea proves wildly popular with college students!  He loses--barely--but another Dem/liberal pol with eye on the Oval Office picks up the idea.  Every student and faculty member supports it, along with the usual Democrat propaganda outlets.

Think you've just seen a new plank in the Dems' platform?  Think they'll push this as hard as they can to lock in the youth vote?  After all, can't beat "free," eh?


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