Saturday, January 7

Dem-run Philly adds new tax of over 100% on juice and other beverages

Democrat-controlled Philadelphia has instituted a tax on all beverages.

It's a modest 1.5 cents...per ounce.

Thus the new tax on a 3-liter (101 ounce) bottle of soda is...$1.52.
Price of the soda itself, before tax?  $1.39.

"Wait, wait..." say liberals.  "That can't possibly be true, because it would mean the soda was being taxed at over 100 percent of the sale price!"

Why yes, citizen, yes it would.  And if you think that's crazy, or a "regressive" tax (one that hits low-income people proportionately harder) you'd be exactly right.

"But how can the city get away with something like that?"

Simple:  Philly is run by Democrats, period.  If a Republican city council had imposed this tax (which, keep in mind, disproportionately hurts low-income residents) the media would be running this on the front page, and as the first story at news time.  But because Dems did it, the Dem-loving Lying Media just smiles and says nothing.

"Geez, that's quite a double-standard there!"

Why yes, yes it is, citizen.  It's how they operate.

BTW, the tax also applies to juice drinks--like orange juice and grapefruit juice.  So if you want to buy a gallon of OJ in Philly it'll now cost you an extra $1.92 in "beverage tax."

And sadly, the idiots who inhabit Philly won't take up pitchforks and kill the pols who passed this disaster--cuz da TV will tell 'em "It's for da chirren," and the low-info types will believe it.  And not a single lib will complain--cuz their party did it. 



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