Saturday, January 7

Lib/Democrat logic

Let's see if we can summarize "Liberal logic:"

Tax anything and people use less of it.  Thus:
Put a big tax on tobacco and people will use LESS of it.
Put a big tax on gasoline and people will use LESS of it.
Slap a big tax on beverages--including orange juice--and people will use LESS of it. 
   (" we really want that outcome?")
Start a tax on "carbon dioxide emissions" and people will make LESS of it.
Slap a big tax on businesses, in the form of a huge increase in the minimum wage, or forcing employers to pay huge fines if they don't provide health-insurance to employees, and this will create MORE jobs.

So, Dems and liberals:  Which is it?  How can you claim that in every case except taxing businesses, adding a tax causes people to use less of whatever you taxed, but with businesses and new jobs it's mysteriously the exact opposite?

And "Because we say so" is not a valid explanation.


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