Thursday, January 5

Leftist website claims DNC staffer told 'em FBI never examined the DNC's servers--or even asked to

If you get your information from the Lying Media you "know" that Russia hacked into the servers of the DNC and copied all their emails, then released 'em to Wikileaks, to throw the election to Trump.

Sound familiar?

The Lying Media convinced you of this by repetition, sweetened by claims like "The FBI has confirmed that the Russians hacked..."   And indeed, someone at the FBI released a statement saying just that.

Well there ya go then!  See?  We tol' ya the Russians hacked the DNC and interfered with our normally-secure election!

Of course no one gets to ask the FBI "How did you reach this conclusion?"  A good reporter would do that, but the Lying Media won't, since the answer would expose the whole propaganda effort.  (Bloggers have been asking, but the FBI doesn't respond to bloggers' questions.)

But one thing's likely:  It would be very hard for anyone to reach a sound conclusion about whether the Russians hacked the DNC without examining their servers.  And of course that's the first thing the FBI did, right?

Uh, no.  Turns out not only has the FBI not examined the DNC servers, the leftist website "Buzzfeed" is reporting that the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers,” according to the DNC’s deputy communications director, Eric Walker.

Wait...if the FBI has never examined the DNC's computers--in fact never even asked to do that--how could they realistically claim the DNC had been hacked?

Welcome to the real world, citizen.

Now watch:  The Buzzfeed story was posted yesterday at 5pm.  By this evening--a day later--another DNC staffer will have come forward to claim that Buzzfeed's story is wrong--that the source (the DNC's "deputy communications director" simply wasn't in the loop and didn't realize that the FBI examined their servers first thing.  They may even get Eric Walker to admit that he wasn't aware of this.

Who's running all this?  The election's obviously over, so why the interest?  Answer:  The Left--including the Obozo regime--wants to discredit Trump and the Republicans, and there's no better way to do that than to plant the story that Trump is in bed with the Russians.

The FBI and other agencies will go along with the scheme because no one wants to be fired.

Why should anyone credit the Buzzfeed story?  Because it's an "admission against interest."  That is, Buzzfeed is a leftist rag, so their story cuts against the interests of the Left and the emperor.   Why would anyone publish a story that would undercut their own position?


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