Saturday, January 7

Amazing: WaPo uses black-on-white torture story to attack worldview of Trump supporters

By now everyone has heard about the four blacks who kidnapped, gagged and tortured a mentally-challenged white 18-year-old in Chicago--and posted their spree on Fakebook Live.

So how did the liberal/Democrat Washington Post report it?  Here are the first 3 'grafs of the Post's story:

"Pro-Trump narratives converge in one awful attack streamed on Facebook"

If you believe discrimination against white people is rampant, that Donald Trump supporters face persecution, that Chicago is a war zone, and the media is dishonest, then your entire worldview is likely to be confirmed by one awful story.

Chicago police have detained four black teenagers after one of them streamed a live video showing the group striking and shouting at a young white man, who was bound and gagged. In the video, the assailants say “f--- Trump” and “f--- white people” and say that the victim “represents Trump,” though it is unclear whether the man actually backs the president-elect.

The pro-Trump Infowars website described the episode under a provocative headline: “White man kidnapped, gagged, beaten by racist black anti-Trump gang.”
To the Post's "reporter" and editors the real story isn't the actual crime itself--though they manage to admit it's "awful"--but that it likely confirmed the worldview of Trump supporters.

And you have to love the Post's description of Infowars' headline as "provocative."  Yes:  It said the kidnappers were "racist, black" and "anti-Trump."  It's provocative because on their own video the thugs shouted "F__ Trump!" and "F__ White people!"  Seems like accurate reporting--except to the Post's writer--one "Callum Borchers."  This is a pic of the charming propagandist in question:

Let me quickly note that I no more believe the four thugs who did this represent black thinking any more than I believe Dylan Roof represents whites.  "Crazy" happens across all races.  My complaint is that the Post--and every other Lying Media organ--continue to twist every such event so that the thrust of the story is to blame Trump supporters.

And then the media whines that so few Americans believe the crap they spout.


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