Sunday, January 1

Collection of the Elites guaranteeing that Trump CAN'T POSSIBLY win the presidency

This is priceless:  A compilation of the Great Elite of the Democratic party and their media suck-ups, before the election, absolutely guaranteeing that Trump will never be president.  Too good to miss!

Also Barack Hussein Obama, emperor of the U.S., weighs in on the question on a "comedy" show.  It's near the end, and so SO well worth seeing. 

This is idiocy to the 4th power.  Idiocy on steroids.  That is, standard leftist twaddle.

There's no doubt that Trump's election was astronomically unlikely--a last-second gift from somewhere beyond this dimension.  But astonishingly, it happened.

Which leaves all the Great Elite looking like the idiots they are.

Wow, what a great start to 2017.  Hope he doesn't disappoint.


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