Wednesday, December 14

Evidence of vote fraud in almost 40% of Detroit precincts

Remember all those wails from Dems demanding recounts in Michigan?  Remember all the headlines?

Well, turns out that during the recount, officials did indeed find evidence of vote fraud!  We alll owe a sincere vote of thanks to Jill Stein and the Dems.  Y'all were right!  We definitely agree with y'all that elections should be honest!


You say a re-count showed more ballots than registered voters in almost 40% of Detroit precincts?

Wow, that's pretty...alarming.

I mean, how the hell did Trump's people--who you say are all white males--get into the inner city and manage to stuff all those ballot boxes without being detected?  That's really scary. 

Sure would be great if someone in the officialdom of Michigan government would publish the vote totals for those precincts.  They probably favor Trump by five to one! say Detroit went massively for Hilliary? that case it would seem pointless for Trump supporters to stuff ballot boxes when they couldn't possibly overcome Hilliary's huge advantage among...Detroit residents.  So why would they bother?

Wait, you don't suppose...the fake ballots were for...Hilliary, do ya?

Eh, the officials probably won't bother trying to unravel the mystery.  Probably just a mistake.

Yeah, dat's it.  Just remember, citizen:  Vote fraud is NOT a problem in the U.S.  The Dems told us that repeatedly.

Well, before Trump won, anyway. 


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