Thursday, November 24

Old and busted: "Vote fraud couldn't swing the election." New and hot: "Vote fraud won it for Trump!"

The president of the League of Women Voters has claimed the election of Donald Trump for president was rigged--because states enforced their voter ID laws.
“We are talking about official, legal voter suppression by state legislatures and election officials,” said Chris Carson in a statement.  "This election was rigged.  And it needs to stop.”
Wait a second:  Before the election the Lying Media absolutely assured us that vote fraud could NOT possibly swing the election.  Guess they were either lying or just making things up--again.

Oh well.  Now watch the razzle-dazzle subject change in the very next graf:
Carson accused Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach of “engaging in an effort to draft laws" that would require “restrictive documentary proof of citizenship” to register to vote by mail and at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  “Despite defeats in federal and state courts, Kobach still pushed to keep eligible citizens from voting,” Carson said.
Notice Carson didn't say the "effort" was successful.  So where was the "legal voter suppression"?
Thirty-one states have some type of voter ID law.  Nineteen states and Washington, D.C. allow anyone to vote without any ID.  Democrats want to abolish all voter ID--even though that obviously makes it easier for illegals to vote, and for people to vote multiple times in different places under very slightly different names.

Yeah, that's what we need, Democrats:  Abolish voter ID laws so we can have unlimited illegal voting.  Yeah.


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