Saturday, November 19

President of U.Va. sends email to students quoting Jefferson; 469 professors and students think that's "raaacist!"

For those educated in public schools, Thomas Jefferson was one of the main founders of this nation, the main author of the Declaration of Independence and one of the greatest philosophers and champions of freedom and enlightenment in history.  Among his many accomplishments, he founded the University of Virginia.

After the election the current president of that university--Teresa Sullivan--sent an email to students reminding them of Jefferson's philosophy and in effect asking 'em to accept the results and move on.

This incensed assistant professor of psychology Noelle Hurd, who argued that because Jefferson owned slaves, it was outrageous to quote Jefferson in emails to students, since some students had great-great-great-grandparents who were slaves.

A total of 469 moonbats--students and professors--signed Hurd's letter.

“I drafted the e-mail because when Jefferson was referenced in emails related to the election, it communicated to me a message of exclusion,” Hurd said.

Let's replay that:  According to this offended assistant professor, quoting Thomas Jefferson in an email to students at the university he founded is offensive...because..."it communicated to me a message of exclusion."

This is lunacy.  How long before the Left insists that quoting ANY white male in an email is "a message of exclusion"?

So-called "progressives" want to not just take over America, but to erase everything that made it great and leave only taxes and welfare.  If you think that's a great idea, continue to vote Democrat.

The great will be torn down by the small.


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