Wednesday, November 16

Riots by Leftists continue, 8 days after the election. Feds silent.

The Left, Democrats and the media's self-proclaimed "elites" claim that those who voted for Trump view him as a Messiah.  I'm pretty sure Trump voters don't believe that at all. 

Rather, he is a weapon against them--not a great one but the only one we had at hand.  He is a hope--no more--for a better day and a future for our children that does not involve a Leftist boot grinding in their faces.

It's also almost certain that he's the last hope we have to save this nation, for we have thrown away every other chance to do so.

It's now 8 whole days after the election, and Leftists are rioting or demonstrating in dozens of cities--interestingly, cities where they're protected by Democrat mayors and governments.  It's also hugely significant that the media are trying hard to avoid using the term "rioting," and that top Democrats haven't forcefully urged an end to it.  Instead leading Dems are salivating, hoping to put enough pressure on Trump to neutralize his agenda.
The Left may start a civil war with their efforts, since inevitably the rioters will start beating someone who's armed and decides shooting is preferable to being badly beaten.  And the Left will wail to high heaven about how unfair it is. 

Spare me, snowflakes.  Don't beat people up.

I don't really care if they burn their own cities if they want to.  Of course that will drive out the hard-working business owners who provide the things people need, like groceries.  Then the Leftist will wail to high heaven that it's horribly unfair that they can't find a good grocery store within five miles.

Logic is not the Left's strong suit.

Of course if the rioters decide to riots, burn and beat people outside their own "special safe places" they're pretty certain to meet armed resistance--and not necessarily from the cops.

Donald Trump is a last hope that the nation's course can be changed thru peaceful means.  If this last hope is taken, there is no reason to bother with legal, peaceful means anymore. If legality is defined by the ability to bring deadly force to bear, then the greater the force, the greater the legitimacy.

It has not gone unnoticed that the federal government has done absolutely nothing to help control the riots.  Similarly, everyone on the non-Left has seen that there are dozens of threats to assassinate the president-elect on public forums all over the internet, and that apparently those making the threats are still walking around unbothered by the Secret Service.

We know that because if any of these SJW's had been contacted by the SS we would have heard the Left wailing to high heaven about how their First Amendment rights had been violatd, and how what they wrote was really a joke and you just took it wrong because you don't have any sense of humor.
 H/T to "Subotaibahadur," long-time strategic analyst at Belmont club.


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