Wednesday, November 16

Rutgers adjunct prof tweets about "shooting at random white people." Media ignores him. Cuz, Leftist.

What happens when an "adjunct professor" at a semi-prestigious university starts tweeting about wanting to kill all whites?

If you said "nothing at all" you win a margarita. 

Behold the liberal "mind" at work, in the form of one hoser from Rutgers:

So is this a threat?  A bit later this liberal mushbrain tried to walk it back a bit:

But then we find that ol' Kev really hates on whites more than just today.  (He's white, BTW.)

According to this dipshit THERE ARE NO GOOD WHITE PEOPLE.  Hmmm.....

Oh wait, I think the mystery of this goofball has just been solved:

Yeah, no bizarre personality issues here, no sir.  And the part about "Critical kindness" is particularly amusing.  Kindness is shooting white people?  Or anyone?  Hmmm....

The brilliant, incisive Leftist mind at work.  Ya gotta wonder if this guy admires Stalin or Che or Mao.  Right up his alley.


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