Wednesday, November 16

"News" story in mainstream media touts claimed fear in Muslims in the U.S. after the election

"News" item (actually anti-Trump propaganda that some Dem editor realized they could pass off as "news":
"Trump's election leaves American Muslims reeling and scared. American Muslims say they are numb and frightened by the election of Donald Trump as president."
"There are lots and lots of people who aren't going out of the house,"
said Eboo Patel, a Muslim who heads the Interfaith Youth Core, a
Chicago-based organization that works with colleges and government
officials to build interreligious relationships."

Ah.  So after over 20 years of constant, unrelenting attacks by Islamic supremacists--the first WTC bombing, the USS Cole, our embassies, destroying the Twin Towers with hijacked passenger jets on 9/11/01, Ft Hood, San Berdo, Chattanooga, malfunctioning car bomb in Times Square, murder of unarmed cartoonists at Charlie Hebro, the massacre of 130 unarmed civilians in Paris only one year ago, using a truck to mow down scores of unarmed French in Nice, the murders of 49 unarmed civilians in Orlando--the election of Trump makes them afraid to leave the house?

Hard to imagine how they can be so hypocritical.  But then, it's all theater.  They play the "I am scared to death" card to get American liberals to support them and help de-rail any efforts by Trump to stop letting tens of thousands of unvetted Muslims from Syria into the U.S.

Utterly predictable.


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