Thursday, November 17

More observations post-election

More observations after the election:

Thousands of liberals have thrown posts onto Twit and FB with titles like “How to Tell a Child Donald Trump Won the Election.” (Google produces 60 million hits for that phrase.)

Liberal parents are turning their kids into neurotics by telling 'em they're living in Nazi Germany.

So-called "comedienne" Samantha Bee makes fun of Americans making $20,000 a year--because they shop at Wal-Mart.

"Elite" liberals will do anything to get their kids into $50,000-a-year all-white preschools.  But they don't think they’re a bit racist because of their pleasant interactions with Rosa when she comes to clean.

The modern Democratic Party supported Obama in throwing thousands of hard-working coal miners out of a job.  These men are constantly denounced for their “privilege” by half-black girls at Yale — nearly all of whom wouldn't have been accepted at Yale if not for"flexible" entrance standards offered by the euphemistically-named "affirmative action."

These same half-black girls will be hired as “diversity coordinators” at Fortune 500 companies, at a quarter-of-a-million dollars a year.  And they'll still be denouncing the jobless former coal miners for their alleged "white privilege."

That sort of "liberal logic" is so far removed from reality as to be a sign of insanity.

Democrats want to rule so badly that they made the deliberate decision to import Third World illegal immigrants, and then to quickly give them American citizenship, because they knew virtually all the new "citizens" would vote for them.  Ordinary Americans-including legal immigrants, who'd played by the rules--saw this and didn't like it a bit.

Democrats were on the verge of turning the whole country into California, by encouraging massive illegal immigration followed by citizenship.  Indeed, California's attorney-general has tweeted that no one should even use the term "illegal alien."  But since that's what they are, that directive is nothing but a demand to ignore reality.  It would seem the Democrats' theory is that if no one is allowed to call 'em illegal aliens, actual American citizens--including legal immigrant citizens--won't see anything amiss when the Dems give 'em citizenship and the right to vote.  

Last year, socialist Bernie Sanders said mass immigration was a disaster for the working class since it drove down their wages.  (He ignored all the dozens of other reasons.)  In a stunning display of liberal logic he called open borders “a Koch brothers idea,” despite the fact that his own party (that would be Democrats) has been pushing for open borders for almost two decades now.

One of the first rules in the Dem/liberal/"progressive" playbook is to accuse the other side of doing the reprehensible things the Dems are actually doing.  And their low-info base buys it, hook line and sinker.

H/T Ann Coulter


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