Wednesday, November 16

Emperor to hand out "Presidential Medal of Freedom"

In 1945 (end of WW2) President Truman created the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" to recognize extraordinary service by civilians during the war.  Later John F. Kennedy decided to continue the award in peacetime, saying it would be presented to people who had made "especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States...or to other significant public or private endeavors."

So...your soon-to-be-former emperor is handing out 21 of these in a week.  And who did the emperor think deserved "the nation's highest civilian honor"--once given to those who made significant contributions to our security or national interest?

    Former L.A. Lakers' star and social justice advocate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Former NBA star Michael Jordan  
    Talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres
    Actor Robert DeNiro
    Actor Tom Hanks
    Actor Robert Redford
    Actress Cicely Tyson

    The producer of "Saturday Night Live"
    The president of Miami Dade College Eduardo PadrĂ³n
    Singer Diana Ross
    Singer Bruce Springsteen

Interesting.  Perfect match for what the socialist emperor thinks is important to American life, eh?


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