Friday, October 21

U.N. drafting "guidelines" to pressure governments to give same-sex couples kids "as a right"

Democrats in government have found a hot new cause: bullying people into pretending that cross-dressing men are actually women.  And on cue, the corrupt, useless United Nations has found a "right" for which it will demand funds, through the World Health Organization:

They have declared that there is "a right to reproduce."

They're drafting "standards" that provide that men and women who want but don't have children will be classified as "infertile," giving them a "disability" and making them eligible for all manner of government benefits.

The World Health Organisation ruling is likely to place pressure on governments to give lesbian couples free in-vitro fertilization treatments.

As usual, we can look to California to see how close we are to the cliff moonbats want to push us off:  In California gays and lesbians are already guaranteed [IVF] access if they have group health insurance.  This benefit is based not by a claim of disability but "merely" of equal rights–requiring all health-insurance policies to pay for fertility treatments for same-sex couples in the same manner as received by heterosexuals with demonstrated biological infertility.

And they wonder why healthcare costs keep rising so fast. the anything it won't do to get votes from credulous liberals?


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