Sunday, September 18

CNN edits Hilliary statement to omit "bombings" so they can criticize Trump for saying..."bombings" in NYC and NJ

Think American media is fair, honest, unbiased?  If so you probably also believe in the tooth fairy, but I digress.

Two bombs went off yesterday:  One was along the route of a 5K charity race for Marines and Navy sailors.  They only reason no one was injured was that by the grace of God the start of the race was delayed half an hour.

The second bomb was in New York City near the intersection of 27th street and 7th Avenue.

Naturally you heard about both those, right?

No?  Gosh, that's...odd...because both were bombs.  And you'd think when unknown terrorists are detonating bombs in this country your media would be letting you know, eh?  I mean, dontcha think that's kinda significant?

Wait...we're having an election really soon, remember?  And one of the two candidates--Hilliary Clinton--wants to continue the brilliant policies of your emperor:  open borders, AND the government paying to import 100,000 Muslim so-called "refugees" from Syria--who cannot possibly be "vetted" to weed out totally dedicated terrorists.

Ah, I see:  So if your Democrat-loving media publicizes the bombings (as opposed to a one-liner saying "no one was killed"), who do you suppose that would hurt?

Yep.  But wait, it gets better (or more horrible, depending on your party):

According to ABC News, right after the bombs were announced, Hilliary made the following statement in front of all her accolyte "reporters:" 
I’ve been briefed about bombings in New York and New Jersey...     --Hilliary
Donald Trump also spoke about "bombings," and the media immediately jumped on him for jumping to what they squealed was the allegedly premature conclusion that the bombs were...well, bombs.

Oooh, wait...didn't Hilliary just do the same thing?  Oooh, but that would mean we can't blast Trump for that without everyone seeing us media types as hypocritical assholes!  Can't have that!

Solution:  CNN broadcast their video of Hilliary making the statement to reporters that's quoted above.  They just omitted the line quoted above.

Of course you think this can't be true--too obvious!  So click the damn link.  The first clip, by ABC, has Clinton speaking the "bombing" quote above, while the second, by CNN, cuts out Clinton’s statement that the events were bombings.

Wonderful to be Democrat royalty, so the media edits your statements to make your opponent look bad.  Even though you said the same thing.


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