Tuesday, September 6

Obama imports ten thousand Syrians to the U.S. 98% are Muslim, 0.5% Christians

Your emperor--without so much as a "fuck off" to congress or the American people--has unilaterally decreed that 10,000 so-called "refugees" from Syria will be imported into the U.S. every year.

Here's one guy's analysis of how the first 9,800 or so shook out:

Stories about the "refugees" are indistinguishable from press releases.  The stories tell us that the refugees have been thoroughly screened--at least as thoroughly as you can screen people coming from a country that we have no diplomatic relations with and which has major portions of its territory controlled by ISIS.

How do you screen someone who claims to be from a city held by ISIS?  Do you phone the local ISIS office and ask the head headchopper to confirm that the fellow applying for entry into the U.S. isn’t one of their guys?  It's insane on its face.
Yet we're told to believe that Obama's minions have subjected Syrian "refugees" to the most thorough possible screening.

The most persecuted peoples in Syria are Christians and Yazidis.  The ostensible purpose of refugee resettlement is to keep civilians from being killed by the bad guys, right?  Yet of the 9,144 Syrians admitted to the U.S. by the emperor, 9,077 of them are Muslims. A mere 47 Christians and 14 Yazidis managed to slip through the nets of his careful screening process.

Remember the Yazidi women on television pleading to be saved from genocide and mass rape? Obama took in barely over a dozen of them.

8,984 of the "refugees"--98 percent--are members of the genocidal Sunni Islamic majority in Syria.

That’s not a statistic, that’s a war crime.

A dozen from the victimized minority, nine thousand from the genocidal majority.

When Obama talks about how thoroughly the refugees were “screened,” this is what he means.  He and his people thoroughly screened out the Christians and the Yazidis. They kept out virtually everyone who wasn’t a Muslim.  Christians comprise 10 percent of the population of Syria, but just one-half of one percent of the "refugees" admitted to the U.S. by your moronic or treasonous emperor.

Imagine a government welfare program in a city with a ten percent minority population, but in which 98.2% of the beneficiaries were rich white men.  Obama's DOJ, FBI, EPA and OPIARE would be burying it in lawsuits, investigations and media lynch mobs before you could whistle.

The emperor's agencies consider different numeric results to be proof of "disparate impact" and thus proof of discrimination, but want us to believe that the 98.2% and the 0.5% are simply coincidence, and proof of no malice whatsoever.  If you believe that you're an idiot.

Obama, Hillary and a million media morons squeal that imposing a “religious test” for immigration would be un-American.  But Obama has already imposed a religious test--one that admits virtually only Muslims and excludes virtually everyone else.

And so here we are near that big ten thousand mark.

America now admits more Muslim refugees than Christian refugees worldwide.
Someone polled Syrian refugees supposedly fleeing ISIS, only to find that 13% of  'em stated that they supported ISIS.  Statistically that means that of the ten thousand Syrians admitted by your traitorous emperor, 1,300 support ISIS.  Oh, and there are also 47 Christians and 14 Yazidis.

This is what Obama’s right side of history looks like. His moral arc of the universe is a Jihadi sword on a Christian neck.
I like the way this guy writes.  Thanks to Daniel Greenfield, writing as "Sultan Knish."


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