Friday, August 19

Hack reveals a major ally of the emperor asked Soros for cash to push the Iran nuke "non-treaty treaty"

How badly are you being played by Obama, "progressives" and George Soros?  You have no idea, but thanks to a hacker you're about to get a hint.

Remember Obama's frantic push to make ANY sort of deal with Iran about nuclear weapons?  What he and John Kerry ultimately negotiated was such an abysmally bad deal that they had to claim it wasn't even a "treaty"--even though it's an agreement between nations that is supposedly binding on the U.S.  That is, it clearly IS a treaty, but they had to falsely claim it wasn't--because it was so bad they knew they'd never get the two-thirds vote of senators needed to fulfill the Constitutional requirement to "ratify" the abomination.

Ah but your emperor is smarter than you--in fact smarter than the Founding Fathers.  He simply got a pliable senator to introduce a bill that would allow the thing to be passed--and arguably to bind the U.S.--without the two-thirds vote required by the Constitution!  Illegal as hell, but hey...Democrat emperor, so...

Now a hacker has discovered that an organization that played a key role in the emperor’s max-effort to say and do ANYTHING to ram this piece of shit thru asked George Soros's "Open Society" foundations for $750,000 to pay so-called experts to talk up how wonderful the deal was.

Which would mute public anger or concern about it, which would help 'em get enough votes to pass the unconstitutional dodge that they ultimately used.

The Ploughshares Fund, a liberal organization cited by White House officials as a chief architect of Obama's effort to push the Iran deal, requested the cash from Soros’s Open Society Foundations so that it could pay off “experts and validators” praising the administration’s diplomacy with Iran.

The money would be used to facilitate “mainstream and social media outreach by validators along with other public and private efforts to shape the debate in support of an agreement and continued diplomacy,” the request states.

As just one example of how this played out, National Public Radio took money from Ploughshares while conducting interviews with proponents of the deal.  At the same time NPR cancelled interviews with the most knowledgeable congressional critics of the agreement, sometimes at the last minute, giving a bullshit excuse for the cancellation.

Neither the Open Society Foundations nor Ploughshares returned the Beacon's requests for comment.  But in classic form, after the Beacon published, an Open Society Foundations spokesman sent the following statement:
A number of Open Society Foundations internal documents, including strategies, work plans, and funding requests, have been published after being removed from an online community that served as a resource for our staff, board members, and partners across the world. In some cases, the materials reflect big-picture strategies over several years from within the Open Society Foundations network, which supports human rights and the rule of law in more than 100 countries around the world. We regret that this incident seems to be a symptom of an aggressive crackdown on civil society and human rights activists that is taking place globally. We stand by our work and are proud to support all our grantees.
Ah yes...the leftist rat-bastards plot and scheme to bribe talking heads to talk up your shitty deal that intentionally gave Iran everything it wanted, in return for no meaningful concessions (no inspections by any U.S. entity, and a 28-day advance-notice for any inspection by even the corrupt U.N., to name just two crappy aspects), and yet have the gall to decry the act that exposed their plotting as "a symptom of an aggressive crackdown on civil society and human rights activists"???

This sort of random word-mashing, a pro-forma spewing of psychologically-loaded terms designed to look meaningful but which in reality are...well, totally at odds with standard operating procedure for the Left.

Isn't it odd that the Left screamed bloody murder about a court decision that allowed companies to spend money to influence politics, but then not only spends money to push their own positions but does it a) secretly; and b) while trying to undermine the Constitution? 

Why the secrecy?  Because they knew they were pushing a piece of crap that most Americans would rightly regard as such.  And knowing that they'd taken cash from Soros to push the deal would make voters even more leery.

By their fruits you shall know them.


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