Friday, August 19

Discussing "the religion of peace" with liberals

Liberal: "Islam is 'the religion of peace.'  So it follows that our wonderful, compassionate president  bringing Islamic refugees to the U.S. can't be a problem."

Conservative:  "Can we all at least agree that beheading people is ghastly and universally offensive ?"

Lib:  "Uhh....we're not sure."

Conservative:  "What??  You're not sure if beheading people is offensive?"

Lib:  "Well, could be."

Conservative:  "You don't even want to give a straight answer to *that*?  Geez, you sound like Loretta Lynch.  So when was the last time you saw anyone *other* than a Muslim holding up a severed head?"

Lib:  "That was a setup!  Trick question!  Moderators, make this guy stop asking trick questions!

Okay, we'll be serious:  There seems to be a huge divide between virtually all Democrats and virtually all conservatives on several crucial questions regarding Muslims, and whether they pose a threat to the western way of life.  (For the moment I'm going to ignore the question of whether there's a distinction between "moderate" and "radical" Muslims.):
  1. Do radical Islamists want to force all non-muslims to either convert or pay the special tax to Muslims ("the jizya")?
  2. Does the koran order radical Muslims to kill any infidel who refuses to do either of those things?
  3. Are radical Muslims totally, intrinsically, unalterably opposed to virtually everything about the western way of life? (women's rights, their choice of clothing, whether they can choose not to have their clitoris cut out at age ten and so on);
  4. Do radical Islamists believe they are at war with the America and the west?
  5. Do the widely accepted tenets of Islam result in an unusual incidence of murders of non-Muslims by Muslims?
  6. Does the emperor or his goofy secretary of state or other lackeys know *better than members of ISIS* whether the members of that group are Muslims?

Try asking your Democrat/liberal friends these six questions.  See if they give evasive answers, or simply refuse to answer.  That'll tell you whether they're paying attention or simply drinking the Democrats' Kool-Aid.


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