Friday, August 19

Old Dem claim: The only classified on Hillary's server was "confidential." New admission: Actually TOP SECRET.

"The Hill" is a totally pro-Democrat-party website.  A couple of weeks ago they ran a piece that said "the State Department" had revealed that Hillary's aides at State had received 4 TOP SECRET documents from her private, unencrypted email server.

Let me repeat that:  Top Secret.  Not just "confidential."

Wait, how can that be true?  Because when FBI Director James Comey was questioned live by the House Oversight committee, members of that committee barely said a word about any *Top Secret* docs.  Instead they spent almost an hour of precious, limited time discussing just 3 emails that contained two or three paragraphs that were marked with a "C" in parentheses, meaning "Confidential"--the lowest level of classified information.

One of the Democraps on the committee even said "So we're talking about just three documents out of thousands, and they were just confidential, is that right?"  And Comey didn't dispute that in any detail.

The Hill also reported that the existence of Top-Secret emails on Hillary's private server was "known to the public" way back in January.

I don't think that's true.  Specifically, last year a *whistle-blower* at State reportedly told investigators that he'd walked into the secure comm room at State and found Hillary's top aides--including Huma and Cheryl Mills--printing out TOP SECRET "cables" from a special, firewalled computer system at State, then *cutting off* the very large TOP SECRET markings at the top of each page and faxing them to Hillary's email account.

The whistle-blower said he told the aides that cutting off security stamps--let alone sending TOP SECRET material to an unsecured email account--were both extremely serious violations of the rules governing classified material.  They responded by telling him to go away and mind his own damn business.  But as far as I know this story wasn't actually "known to the public" in the sense of being confirmed. 

Hard to imagine anyone seriously claiming that unconfirmed allegations equals "known to the public."  Instead I suspect this was a classic Democrat/Mainstream Media op called "This isn't news cuz it's OLD."  It's "You can't possibly consider this as *news* cuz it was 'known to the public' way back in [insert date months earlier]."  This works regardless of whether the claim that the news was known earlier is actually true, because no one bothers to check.

If there's no record that it was *confirmed* public knowledge last January that emails containing *not* just "confidential" but "TOP SECRET" information were sent from State to Hillary's private email account by her top aides, then The Hill lied.  This wouldn't be surprising.

On the other hand, her aides' cutting off the TOP SECRET markings allowed Hillary to claim "I never sent or received material that was marked classified at the time it was sent or received."

Clever.  Very clever.


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