Monday, August 22

Emperor claims number of illegals crossing from Mexico is all-time low; U.S. Southern Command figure says all-time HIGH.

The U.S. military has a division called the Southern Command, which is responsible for monitoring the number of illegal aliens flooding across the Mexican border.  And according to them, last year something like 331,000 people entered the country illegally via that route.

Think about that.  And your emperor won't kick 'em out.  And in the very few cases where an illegal kills an American in a way the government that would get too much heat to ignore, making the administration take the rare step of deporting the killer, much of the time the killer simply strolls back in within months.

It's almost like they're giving you the finger:  "You can't do shit to me.  At worst you fly me home, and I come back across again.  Cuz your laws are for stupid people who think they mean shit."

Oh, and SouthCom estimates that among those 331,000 illegals were 30,000 people from terrorist groups.

Oh yeah, this is gonna turn out well. 

And just so you can't claim you didn't know, Hillary--the senile, corrupt military-hater says she strongly supports Emperor Obama's policies regarding leaving the southern border open to all--and refusing to deport in all but the most egregious cases.

The time left to us if we want to save this country is slipping away fast.

By the way, your emperor was caught on video claiming
"The number of people illegally crossing our southern border is at an ALL-TIME LOW."
Really, you lying sack of shit?  That's not what SouthCom says.  And it's not what your more-controlled Customs & Immigration "service" says either.  Why would you make such a clearly false claim?  Oh yeah, I got it:  The stupid voters will believe anything you say, right?  "Low-information voters," we call 'em.  Yep.


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