Saturday, August 20

A foretaste of a Hillary presidency

If you're just now 21 or so you weren't tuned in just 5 years ago when we discovered that Obama was using the Internal Revenue Service to cripple conservative political groups.

That's okay, I know you don't believe it.  Illegal as hell, but of course...Democrats are allowed to do anything, break any law, without penalty.  It's right there in that Con-thingy that the emperor supposedly "taught" at the U of Chicago.  Anyway, google "Lois Lerner" and you'll get most of the story. Or you can go here.
Or here.

My point in mentioning this is that after this story broke, not a single government employee--IRS or otherwise--was punished, or even charged with anything.  Zero.

Hillary Clinton had TOP SECRET material on her unencrypted, private email server.  The emperor's laughably mis-named department of "Justice" declared that the decision on whether to bring charges would be left to the head of the FBI.  Who, as everyone knows, declined to charge her, claiming a) there was no intent; (not true); and b) intent is required in order to bring charges; (again, false).

Two days ago a young U.S. Navy sailor was sentenced to a year in prison for improperly handling classified information.  But wait--I thought the director of the f'n FBI said NO ONE would ever bring charges against someone for that sort of thing.  Remember? 

Now consider:  Do you think the use of government to punish "opponents," and the refusal of government agencies to enforce the law against politicians and bureaucrats (i.e. they can break the law without penalty; you can't) will get worse under Hillary?

We are all Joe the Plumber now.


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