Saturday, August 20

Three more major health insurance companies stop selling Obamacare coverage in various states

UnitedHealth is a major health insurance provider for the now-compulsory health insurance called Obamacare.  This past April UnitedHealth announced it would stop selling plans on most of the so-called "exchanges."

Shortly thereafter another big insurance company--Humana--stopped selling policies in Virginia and Alabama. 

Earlier this week a third major health insurance vendor, Aetna, which covers about 900,000 people  under Obamacare, announced it was stopping operations in 11 of the 15 states in which it currently sells policies under the law.

Well, say my liberal friends, "that's because those huge companies pay their CEO's those multimillion-dollar salaries!  No wonder they can't keep going!"  Yeah, well...more than a dozen nonprofit health insurance cooperatives set up to sell health insurance under Obamacare--and created with government-guaranteed loans--have failed entirely.  Did they pay multimillion-dollar salaries?

Analysts estimate that about 2,000,000 Americans will have to find new coverage by the end of the year.

What's happening is that the basic rules of Obamacare demanded that insurers--hell, never mind.  You don't care why it went south.  It was a terrible idea from the outset, and so badly executed that failure was assured from the start.  The main architect of many of the details was even caught on tape saying they deliberately wrote the language to make it confusing, and that Americans were too stupid to understand the real effect.

Oh wait, what am I thinking?  "It was a faaabulous idea!  And the only reason these 'totally unexpected' things are happening is that Republicans opposed the law all along!  And had the gall to criticize its wonderfulness.  And nothing could survive criticism."

Cuz I don't wanna lose my job under the new queen.


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