Tuesday, August 2

Justice Department Inspector-General finds that "sanctuary city" policies violate federal law; media yawns

By now every well-informed American should know what a "sanctuary city" is.  Since you're well-informed, you know that it's a city whose political masters--all Democrats, of course--have ordered their police not to notify federal "Immigration and Customs Enforcement" when local cops enccounter illegal aliens who've broken laws *other* than just entering the U.S. illegally.

In other words, these cities are refusing to help the emperor's people take custody of illegal aliens found in the U.S. who may have a record of serious crimes, or multiple illegal re-entry into the U.S. after being deported.

Interesting, eh?  You'd think wanting to determine whether a specific illegal had a serious criminal record, or had re-entered several times after being deported, would be something all American citizens would support, right?

Except Democrats disagree with this.  They're very open about the fact that they believe all illegal immigrant aliens should be allowed to stay in the U.S. indefinitely, and be allowed to vote and to become citizens (in either order).

You knew that, right?  And you also knew that Hillary Clinton has always supported the "sanctuary city" movement, right?  Democrat party leaders totally support the emperor's policy of NOT lifting a finger to enforce valid U.S. immigration law!

Because your emperor has ordered federal employees not to enforce our immigration laws, he has also avoided taking even the tiniest, ineffective, symbolic action to penalize cities that aided this goal.  Nothing whatsoever. 

Wait, what about that stuff in that archaic document...what's it called?  Con-something.  Anyway, that stuff about "the president shall faithfully enforce the law"?  Hey, none of that stuff applies to your emperor, citizen.

The Republican congress actually introduced two bills that would have required the government to stop giving millions of dollars in law-enforcement grants to sanctuary cities.  Both were blocked by congressional Democrats--which should prove beyond a doubt that Democrats love open borders and support non-enforcement of valid laws.

Well something new recently happened on this topic:  The Inspector-General for the Dept of "Justice" released a "memorandum" declaring that "sanctuary city" policies violate federal law.  We knew that, of course, but this puts the emperor on formal notice that at least the IG of his own DOJ agrees.  Which in theory should make it harder to ignore these violations.

Of course Obama will continue to ignore 'em, cuz...emperor.  Laws be for li'l people.  Emperor decide what law important and what law he ignore.  It right in that Con- thingy.  [all butchered English intentional, to make a point]

By the way, the IG's memo was published on May 31 but wasn't posted to the government's website until almost two months later, on July 28.

Why would the emperor's minions withhold this memo--which declared that sanctuary city policies violated federal law--from the public for two months?  Oh, right: they wanted to make sure no one saw it before a crucial senate vote to advance that bill that would have forced the administration to cut off the millions of taxpayer dollars given to sanctuary cities.

If they'd released the memo when it was ostensibly "published"--if something done so quietly and with no notice outside the DOJ can be called "publishing"--it might have made it harder for the emperor to get Democrat senators to vote against the bill.  Solution?  Run out the clock.  Delay publicizing the memo until after the critical vote.  Which has always been the emperor's strategy, apparently.


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