Tuesday, July 26

Message to "lone-wolf" killers from the Democrats and mainstream media

Note to "lone-wolf" killers, from your friendly mainstream media/Democrats:
The Republican presidential candidate has claimed you're killing people because your religion tells you to.  We're sure this can't possibly be true because we've determined that all religions are 'morally equivalent,' which is to say, stuff no sophisticate could possibly believe.  In any case, we'd like to know your real reason for killing unarmed civilians.

Since we have absolutely no idea what that could be, we'd like to request that before you, uh, 'pull the trigger' next time, you declare the motive for your attack, in writing, in triplicate.  Please sign and have it notarized.
Thanks.  We know you're busy."

(Edited from commenter snyper77 at WeaselZippers.)


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