Sunday, July 31


How utterly dumb are some judges?  Consider the following story:

Khalid Fathey, a 49-year-old Iraqi in Washington state, was charged with raping a grade-school girl.  Despite the seriousness of the crime he was charged with, he was free on personal recognizance.  Didn't even have to post a bail bond.  The judge didn't confiscate his passport.

Two days before his trial date he fled the U.S, flying to the United Arab Emirates.

Fathey claims nothing happened and that the claim that he raped the girl was fabricated by the girl’s family.

Now why in the world would a judge leave the door open for a foreign national charged with a serious crime to flee the U.S. to avoid trial on that charge?  Oh wait, letting foreigners charged with crimes walk away without penalty is standard procedure for the emperor's regime.  So maybe this judge was just angling for an appointment to the federal bench.


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