Sunday, July 31

Media: "That AWFUL Donald Trump just said he hoped Russia would hack Hillary's server!"

Two days ago Trump gave a press conference in which he jokingly said he hoped Russia could "find" (note that word) Hillary's missing 33,000 emails and release 'em to the American public. 

Naturally every single member of the lying mainstream media was outraged, and reported the story as some variation of "Today Trump asked Russia to *hack Hillary's server* and reveal the emails."  Of course this wasn't at all what he said, but nevertheless the lie was instantly echoed by every single leftist outfit.

This probably strikes most of you as "much ado about nothing."  It's not.  Instead it's a classic example of the media deliberately mis-reporting everything they can to damage Republicans and help the Democrats.  Once you know about how this works you'll be able to see it far more easily than you do now.

To do that you need to know more about what's happened to Hillary's private, unencrypted email server--the one she used to send and receive TOP SECRET emails.  Of course these were easily copied by hackers since the server wasn't encrypted, and was set up in a way that would make it easily hackable.

In case you've been too busy making a living and raising your kids to give the story much attention, Hillary's people erased ("wiped") the drives of her private, email server many months ago.  Her attorneys didn't just hit "delete" but carefully, totally erased all data on the drives "beyond hope of forensic recovery," as the FBI director drily put it.  So even if the server was still running, it no longer holds any data--something every media figure knew or should have known. 

Moreover, months ago the FBI removed the server from Hillary's closet--carefully waiting until after her people had erased all the data it held, of course.  Since then it hasn't been connected to the internet or anything else.  So even if it still held data--which, again, it doesn't--it couldn't be hacked.

Again, every self-described "smart" member of the mainstream media either knew or should have known this.  So why would they falsely report that Trump had "asked the Russians to hack into Hillary's server," eh?  The answer is obvious.

Oh, you can be sure the server has been hacked--by both the Russians and Chinese--but that happened over a year ago, before the FBI seized it.  FBI director Comey confirmed that experts found evidence of what he described as "hacking *attempts*," but said it wasn't possible to determine whether any of those attempts had succeeded.

Independent computer experts claim skilled hackers can hack a system without leaving any evidence.

Well played, Lying Media!


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