Sunday, July 31

Her private email server--who cares, right?

The conservative blogosphere is now debating a) whether the Russians and Chinese already have all the emails that were on her server, having hacked Hillary's unsecured, unencrypted system as soon as they discovered its existence; b) whether any of those the emails contained TOP SECRET information, the loss of which has damaged our national security; and c) if these emails were released, whether it would cost Hillary votes.

I'll bet the first two are certain.  But I'm fairly certain neither Russia nor China will release any emails.  Reason is that both those adversaries would far, far rather have a thoroughly corrupt socialist as president of the U.S. than the admittedly volatile, unpredictable Trump.  Why would they want to help the more formidable candidate win? 

I'm also pretty sure nothing about Hillary's emails will cost her a single vote, because the media and Comey have done their job of making the whole email topic a non-issue.  


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