Wednesday, July 27

We have a new paradigm, courtesy of Hillary and the Democrat party

The Democratic party has now embraced
  •  illegal immigration;
  •  lawbreaking by their nominee;
  •  deliberately importing tens of thousands of Syrians without being able to vet one; and
  • the mass release into the U.S. of illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes *other than* entering the U.S. illegally.
Thus it would seem there's not the slightest stigma or downside for Democrats to commit or endorse illegal acts--provided such acts are done by their party, its supporters or their presidential candidate.  

It's as if laws that would jail ordinary folk didn't apply to them.  And the scary thing is that half the country is fine with this.

Eh, why worry?  As Hillary said, "At this point, what difference could it possibly make?"


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