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Ever heard of a "document dump"? Well last Friday there was a big one

Ever heard the term "doc dump"?

If you're "young" or a Democrat/liberal, or a righteous person who's too busy making a living and raising your kids to spend time studying political tricks you probably haven't. 

It's when a government agency knows it must release documents or news damaging to the ruling party--because if it doesn't, its opponents will.  In that case it always releases the docs or news at 5pm on a Friday.

They do that because 5pm is too late to make Friday's newscasts.  They pick Friday because TV execs know that far fewer people watch "news" over the weekend--and by Monday some other story will likely crowd their damaging news out of the news cycle.  If not, Democrat-supporting liberal editors--which they all are--can be counted on to claim the doc-dump on Friday--three whole days ago!-- is "old news" and thus no sense in putting it on the air.

Now that you know what it is, one happened this past Friday.  It was a blockbuster, but you wouldn't know it from the Lying Media.  Let me explain.

Over two years ago a private organization asked the State Department for copies of emails sent and received by the Secretary of Skate that weren't protected by secrecy laws. 

State totally ignored 'em.  After all, laws don't apply to the government.

Well...this group didn't buy that last notion, so after State ignored their polite legal request--and clearly irritated by the brazen lying and stonewalling from the emperor's minions and the former Secretary of Skate--they sued the government under the Freedom of Information Act.  They claimed the government was refusing to release documents that the Act didn't permit them to withhold.  This is what led to Hillary's attorneys erasing her private email server "beyond hope of forensic recovery," in the carefully chosen words of the FBI director.

Now we'll need to review just a bit of the chronology of the Hillary email story to understand what's happened:  When she was SecState but staying at her palatial New York estate on weekends, she didn't want to be "out of the loop" on events.  So she told her top aides at State to send her copies of any important stuff.  This "important" stuff was often in secret or even TOP SECRET "cables" from our embassies in foreign capitals.

These secret, sensitive cables were sent and received on a highly-encrypted, isolated, hopefully totally secure computer system.  To keep it secure, its terminals were only in highly secure, electronically sealed rooms at State.  This system had no connections at all to the regular internet.  So if something important happened when the Secretary of Skate was in New York, how could her top aides forward the explanatory TOP SECRET cables to her? 

No problem:  Her aides simply printed out the cables in the secure State Dept facility, cut off the SECRET or TOP SECRET stamps on the top of each page, then scanned 'em and emailed 'em to Hillary's private, unsecure email server in her New York home.

The huge question--which has either never been asked or the answer hasn't been released to the public--is:  Did Hillary order her top, trusted aides to do this, or did they come up with this illegal workaround by themselves?

Surely--surely--there had to have been at least one uncorrupt person in the FBI investigating team who thought to ask that.  So what's the answer?

Of course after the election no one will be allowed to ask.

The events above are why Hillary had her attorneys erase her email server "beyond hope of forensic recovery."  Despite the strong possibility that Hillary had sent and received TOP SECRET emails on her server, the FBI had deliberately not seized that server (Obama wouldn't approve it).  Interesting. But they could only postpone that act for so long without smart voters realizing the fix was in. 

Guessing that it was only a matter of time before the FBI would be forced to seize the server, Hillary and her co-conspirators devised a brilliant scheme: because the server also contained personal emails, they'd demand that the FBI had no right to see those--something voters would sympathize with.  So as a compromise she had her attorneys determine which of her tens of thousands of emails were "work-related," and said she'd turn those over to the State Department.

They would then erase every email they didn't turn over, claiming the erased ones were personal.  And erase they did--"beyond hope of forensic recovery."  Which obviously cut off any possibility of finding what was actually on the server.

But wait:  If Hillary sent emails back to her aides instructing them who should be ordered to do what, and if those aides forwarded those orders down the chain to worker bees at State, the forwarded e-mails might still be on the laptops of those worker bees.  It wouldn't have occurred to the top aides--Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills--to instruct the worker bees to delete those emails because they had come *from* Hillary, and thus weren't marked classified--even though many were based on the contents of TOP SECRET cables.

So the FBI started looking at the *recipients* of Hillary's emails at State.

Guess what:  They found a bunch. 

And you'll undoubtedly be shocked to learn that this discovery led Hillary's attorneys to suddenly "discover" another 22,000 emails that were indeed "work-related"--and thus should have been turned over to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, but hadn't been.

Stay with me cuz we're almost there.  You wouldn't have understood the significance of what comes next without all that background.  And admittedly this is all *way* too intricate for low-information voters to follow--which is why the lying media has tried to make this a story about persecution of poor, innocent, defenseless Hillary by eeeevil Rethuglicans. 

And most of the public has bought that bullshit.

Anyway, yesterday's announcement by the FBI--the "doc dump" that they had to announce but didn't want anyone to notice--was this:
The FBI has delivered 'thousands' of documents to the State Department that it recovered during its investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server.  A court filing [by the FBI] said that the FBI plans to turn over more emails [to the State Department] on Aug. 5.
The State Department will then again sort through the documents, determining which should be considered 'agency records.'  State then plans to release these "on a rolling basis."
(The source for the above is the Democrat-supporting website "The Hill," so this amounts to an admission against interest for Dems.)

State Department spokeswhore John Kirby then made a totally self-serving statement--which The Hill dutifully published--designed to make the rubes believe everything was totally legal and normal.  Here it is:
Just as we appropriately processed the material turned over by former Secretary Clinton, we will appropriately and with due diligence process any additional material we receive from the FBI to identify work-related agency records and make them available to the public consistent with our legal obligations.
State wants voters to believe that they haven't done anything to try to delay the release of evidence that might possibly hurt Hillary's chances of being president.  According to these lying liberal scum  they've done everything just perfectly. There isn't a shred of malfeasance by State--so you peasants shouldn't go looking for any. 

Horse shit.  Government employees a the State Department have *constantly* stonewalled the joke of an investigation to protect the Democrat candidate.

So now that the FBI has announced that it's found "tens of thousands" of emails from Hillary's private server, instead of releasing their findings to the plaintiffs in the FOIA lawsuit, the FBI says it "plans" to turn the emails *back over* to the corrupt Hillary-supporting scum at State!  State says when that happens they'll start the long, laborious process (bullshit) of determining which of these are "work-related" and will then start the long process of releasing these "on a rolling basis."

That's code for "after the election."

But wait--didn't Hillary's attorneys delete ALL her personal emails?  Well that's certainly what they claimed.  Which would suggest that ALL the newly-discovered stuff is "work-related."  And damning as hell to Hillary.  So of course they can't have any of that being released before the election. 

Solution is obvious:  They'll "run out the clock," arranging a series of delays so that nothing serious is released before the election.  Oh, there'll be more 'inside baseball' revelations about the DNC coordinating with Hillary's campaign, but no one understands that stuff anyway.  Or cares.

And of course after she's elected you won't hear another word.  No more "investigation."


So that's what a "doc dump" is, and what it means.  Now that you know, you'll be more likely to recognize it when you see it again...and again.  And keep in mind that this is from a group that claimed to be "the most transparent administration in history."  Or some such total bullshit.

How much lower can America sink into lawlessness?  You're about to find out.

Nothing will actually be said, of course.  Instead you'll hear or see odd things happen here and there. Hard to hide court filings, or a friend or relative audited by the IRS.  But you won't see a pattern, because you'll only know about the one or two events very close to you.  The Lying Media won't say a word, because the events would damage Democrats.

Rumors will fly about various kinds of blatant, astonishing corruption--like a government agency (say, the Department of Energy) giving a billion dollars (not "million" but billion, with a B) to a company founded and owned by a buddy of the president, just before the company goes belly-up. 

Gosh, where do you think all that money could have gone?  Ah, million-dollar bonuses for the execs.  Got it.  But no one will be arrested and nothing damning will be written about it.  The story will quickly vanish, just like the money.  Guess there must not have been anything to the rumors, eh?

And two years later not one voter in 100 will remember a thing about the story. 

Can't happen here, you say?  Wake up: it already has.  But if you're in college now, it happened when you were about 13, so it's no wonder you didn't pick up on it.  Your emperor pressured a squirrely little fuckstick at the Dept of Energy to do it.  Do a search for "Solyndra." Or Abound Solar, or Bright Automotive, or Beacon Power, or Ener1, or "A123."  Corrupt Democrats from top to bottom.

Witnesses to corruption will mysteriously recant or disappear.  Records will vanish.  (In South Africa for the last 15 years, murderers identified by dozens of eyewitnesses have been freed without a trial because the whole case file disappeared from police custody.  Amazing.) 

People who speak out against the corruption will have their tax returns audited by the IRS, or the EPA will sue them for building a pond on their own property, on the grounds that this violates some bullshit EPA rule.

Can't have people actually thinking they actually own any rain that falls on their property, eh citizen?  I mean, that's absurd.  Wait--that's happened too.

Don't feel bad if you don't know about any of this stuff.  Most people get all their information from the Lying Media--so if the media doesn't say anything about some event, how the hell are you supposed to know about it?

But now that you know--at least a tiny bit of it--what can you do?

A close friend told me there are 4 reasons why almost no Americans even bother looking into this stuff--and in fact many get angry when someone asks 'em to do so:
  1. They believe "It's always been this way; nothing new here;"
  2. They believe both parties are equally corrupt, in which case it doesn't matter who wins;
  3. "No one can do anything about it anyway--at least not by voting.  And no one wants to pick up a gun because you'll get killed;"
  4. "No one has any time to spare--everyone is spending every minute they have trying to make ends meet, and/or trying to raise their kids (or sometimes their grandchildren after they've been given up by worthless gen-Xers); only a tiny fraction of the people have time to devote to politics--and they can't change anything because of #2 and 3 above."

If you like the idea of the America you grew up in, you need to shake off those excuses.  On the other hand, if you hated the environment you grew up in and want to destroy it and change this country into a third-world, socialist shit-hole, vote Democrat.

Lord I confess that I hate the corrupt, lawless, lying, anti-American rat-bastards who have taken over this once-great country.  It would probably be uncharitable of me to say that I hope they all burn in hell.  So I'll try to avoid saying that.


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