Sunday, August 7

In Germany and Italy, many "refugees" get more govt welfare than elderly *citizens* of those countries

Citizens of Germany and Italy keep asking why the leaders of their governments have ordered that illegal immigrants be given "free" (to the illegals) housing, "free" (again, to the illegals) food and "free" (again, to the illegals) cash while many elderly lifetime citizens are having to rummage through dumpsters looking for food.

At last report the governments of those countries said "We'll get on that question right away, uh-huh.  Yeppers, you betcha.  We'll get right back to ya on that."

That strategy is called "running out the clock."  It's being used by Hillary Clinton to push any more releases of damaging emails until after the election, when she'll presumably be president and therefore immune to any further investigation. 

And you can damn well bet that among the "thousands" just announced as found, are the ones most damaging to her.

(As an aside, I'll cheerfully admit that if a nation decides to admit refugees, it's ethically obliged to keep them fed and sheltered until they can find jobs and presumably become self-sufficient.  But it's hard to make a good case for giving so-called "refugees"--80 percent of whom are men between the ages of 18 and 35 and should be forming the core of the "army of liberation"--more sustenance than the nation's own elderly citizens.) 


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