Sunday, August 7

Democrats and the notion of "Islamic terrorism"

Democrats have a very effective scam going:  Keep refusing to deport illegal immigrants, and keep pandering to career welfare recipients, because both groups will invariably vote for Democrats.

Democrats have long screamed that the Republican party is the party of the rich. (I'm pretty sure someone demolished that theory, finding there were more Democrat millionaires than Republican ones, but we'll leave that for another post.)   In any case I think it may be time to counter that the Democrats are the party of leeches--and the leeches vote.  So turning more Americans into leeches, or importing more leeches, equals more Dem votes, so more power.

And regarding Muslim immigrants, another great Democrat scam: Because unlimited, uncontrolled immigration of impossible-to-vet Muslim immigrants is one of the top goals of the Democrat party, they can never admit that any murders of innocent civilians anywhere by Muslims can be ascribed to terrorism. 

So Dems have a brilliant cover narrative:  Democrats always claim that the killers are "lone wolves"--and also mentally ill.  Thus no Democrat politician ever gets blamed for making the absolutely abysmally stupid decision to let the killers into the country.

So even if you have a damn video of the killer(s) bragging that he's preparing to kill for ISIS or Mohammed or whatever, Democrat politicians and the supporters in the Lying Media simply contradict the guy and say he's just mentally ill and didn't know what he was doing.  The Dems may not know what his motive was, but they will absolutely assure you that it wasn't terrorism.

And the more detailed the killer's arguments that Islam compelled or impelled him to do a mass killing, the more Democrats argue that this simply proves the person was/is mentally ill.  Bulletproof logic.


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