Monday, August 8

Young Danish girl walking her dog attacked and stoned by "immigrants," who also kick her *dog*

Click on this link.  It goes to a Twitter page that has a video by and of a young girl from Denmark.  She's crying and scared.  It'll touch your heart.

On a sunny Sunday she took her dog to the local park.  She was surrounded by a group of cowardly, inhuman foreigners who "started asking questions."  Then they started kicking her dog.  Then they threw rocks at both her and the dog, then threw her to the ground and started kicking *her*. 

Finally they threw her in a small pond in the park.

Such swine need to be killed--preferably in the most painful, heinous way possible.  They and their swine comrades need to learn--forever--not to do this.  Ever again.

I say again:  Killed.  Liberals will whine that this solves nothing, and in fact just makes them hate you more.  What bullshit.  How did World War 2 turn out?

Not taking this type of strong, unequivocal action simply reinforces the mostly-accurate belief they have that their side is stronger than the weak, scared west.  Not surprisingly this leads them to think that by continuing to attack defenseless women they will intimidate and eventually defeat the cowardly west.  And frankly, at this point that's a damn good bet.

Let me clearly say that I don't propose killing folks who aren't doing anything illegal.  But if, say, a group of police or government employees or a camera crew goes into a "refugee" area and said "refugees" try to intimidate 'em to force 'em to leave, a group of army troops following should kill every "immigrant" who thinks doing that is a good idea.  They're stupid and thuggish but they're not crazy.

The poor Danish girl who couldn't even walk her dog in her local park without being kicked and attacked could be your daughter.  In fact this WILL BE your daughter if you goofy people don't stop electing politicians who have no concept of reality but are instead devoted to "virtue-signalling"--ordering policies that make other elites think highly of them but that result in lots of innocent citizens getting attacked or raped or killed.

Watch the damn video and see what their policies have already done.

Then tell me:  How many societies or religions hate dogs?


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